Addressing the digital divide


If you are reading this article then you have achieved at least a basic level of computer literacy. But for many in the community the digital divide is very real.


For many, the convenience of email or internet based research is out of reach. Often this is because the cost of buying a computer is prohibitive.  This problem is being addressed, in part at least, by free access to computers and the internet in many local libraries and neighbourhood hubs.


The second major reason for the divide is that many people don’t feel they have the skills for basic computer use.


A program run by Australia Post is designed to help overcome the divide. “Our Neighbourhood” is Australia Post’s new Community Relations program that aims to build healthier, more vibrant and more inclusive communities across Australia.


Under the program, the VPTA has been funded to help public tenants to build up their basic technology skills.


We will run classes that will cover things like; how to access the internet, how to send an email, how to use on-line Government services.


The classes will be held in the VPTA offices, but we will also have the capacity to take the show on the road, and conduct classes in suburban Melbourne or regional Victoria.


So the task for those who are computer literate is to spread the message throughout their networks to let people know that the service is available.


Our goal will be to keep working hard until Victorian public housing tenants have equal access to the opportunities and information that are available on-line.