Chairperson’s Bulletin No. 3 – 2017

What the VPTA Stands For:

Earlier this year, the VPTA Board decided there was merit in developing a brief public statement that spells out more details of our organisation’s Vision and Values.

Our Vision is “Safe, secure, affordable and accessible public /social rental housing for everyone who needs it.”

The following lists our Values and details what we stand for:

PROFESSIONAL INTEGRITYWe treat all people with dignity and respect

  • A public housing system that is accessible and provides timely and contemporary quality housing and support to tenants · A public housing system that is well managed, fair and responsive, whilst balancing the needs of tenants and the broader community · Growth in public housing and effective use of available resources · Maintenance contracts that are reviewed to ensure best value outcomes and to maintain service quality at an acceptable level · No cases referred to VCAT without realistic attempts being made to fairly negotiate with the tenant · Tenants treated with respect, fairness and compassion

QUALITY – We always strive to do our best and improve the way we do things

  • Public housing that provides a good standard of living for tenants · Best practice and continuous improvement in public housing service delivery · A system that has fair review mechanisms and transparent policies · A minimum standard of housing that applies to all tenantable properties · A system that matches the changing needs of the community · Public housing as a viable community asset and an essential community service · A system that provides best value for money and reports performance statistics at a minimum annually to tenants

COLLABORATIVE RELATIONSHIPSWe work together to achieve better results

  • A strong role for public housing tenants in decision-making processes within their estates and their communities · Assisting government to achieve the best public housing system in Victoria. · Working proactively to influence government to make positive changes to the public housing system to improve the living situation of all people living in public housing in Victoria, and those who are waiting to do so · Supporting and enabling programs that contribute to improving the quality of life of people who live in public housing in Victoria · Growth in public housing to match the need · Improving the perception of public housing tenants in the media and broader community

RESPONSIBILITYWe commit to the actions we take to achieve the best possible outcomes for the public tenant community

  • Responsibly advocating for a safe, secure and affordable public housing system · Responsibly advocating for the rights of current and future public housing tenants and the balance between the rights of the individual and those of the many · Wholesale stock transfers not supported; individual instances of stock transfer to community housing may be supported where it can be adequately demonstrated that there will be a clear and guaranteed net benefit for current and future tenants, including growth in affordable social housing

CLIENT FOCUSWe work toward improving the physical and environmental wellbeing of the public tenant community

  • Assisting tenants where possible and directing tenants to appropriate assistance and services · Rent not to exceed 25% of household income · Effective communication with tenants · A public housing system that is properly resourced and offers the required wrap around support and services to tenants · Proper and appropriate funded case management for those who need it in order to live successfully in the Community · Security of tenure · Providing information to and seeking feedback from public housing tenants on matters affecting them · Tenants with special housing needs must have these appropriately addressed · Eviction as the last option

More information and further detail on the VPTA’s views on a range of issues can be found on our website at