This week our Community Engagement Officer met with the team at Voices of the South Side (VoSS) in Port Melbourne.


VoSS is a federally funded project run out of the Port Melbourne Neighbourhood Centre that aims to reduce the marginalisation of public and community housing communities in Port Melbourne and South Melbourne through community arts and community development.


Team members run training courses, mentoring and group activities for tenants that help build their confidence and increase their participation in community life.


Tenants can create and direct their own projects, learn new skills and take up opportunities to strengthen their communities through advocacy, creating new networks and sharing their life experiences.


VoSS training courses offer tenants the opportunity to learn how to speak confidently in public, as well as to create their own short films, scripts, dances, music, and art.


If you live in public housing in the Port Melbourne or South Melbourne area and are interested in what Voices of the South Side has to offer, please contact Robyn Szechtman at robyn@pmnc.org.au or 0417 127 376.