Flemington Redevelopment


The Victorian Government today announced $30 million in funding  to kick-start the Flemington public housing estate’s redevelopment and a regeneration of Flemington’s 22 walk up buildings.

It was part of an overall $120 million additional investment for programs and projects.

Importantly, the Minister for Housing said at the press conference today that all redevelopments will need to deliver at least a 10% increase in public housing.

He was clear that this would be over and above any increases in community or affordable housing.

This was the approach taken in relation to the Markham Ave Project and the VPTA welcomes the adoption of this policy for all public housing redevelopments in Victoria.

The VPTA supports the Government in taking action to improve the Flemington Estate. In speaking with the State Government we highlighted the following issues;

  • We have been strong advocates for growth in public housing – we need more stock
  • We want to see improvements in the quality of living for tenants
  • With ageing stock there is a clear need for upgrades and renewal
  • Ensuring the tenants have a say in the development is vital
  • Tenants will need to be kept up to date as the project progresses
  • Proper consultation and communication will deliver better outcomes for everyone
  • We want to ensure disruption to tenants is kept to a minimum – in this regard keeping tenants engaged will help them plan for change.

The Office of Housing has written to all tenants in Flemington today letting them know that the consultation process will begin shortly and that they may see activity soon such as land surveying and soil testing.