Help for tenants experiencing family violence

Magistrate Hawkins speaks at the launch.


The Tenants Union of Victoria has released a new on-line tool to help tenants who are experiencing family violence.

Magistrate Kate Hawkins, the Supervising Family Violence Magistrate at the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, spoke at the launch. She said the kit will be a fantastic tool for tenants and advocates alike.

The kit provides practical advice on matters like;

  • changing the locks
  • trouble with paying rent
  • leaving the rental property
  • changing the lease
  • getting another place
  • damage to the property
  • appeals and complaints.

A specific section in the kit deals with all of these matters from the perspective of public housing tenants. That section can be found at;

Have a look at the kit and pass on details to your friends. It should become a really valuable resource in the years to come.