Positive news for Richmond

Martha Monyping and Minister Foley



The mainstream media are keen to report on negative stories about public housing in Richmond.

But when there is good news they are not interested.

Recently we reported on the Helping Hoops program at Richmond and the great work they do with young people on the estate.

And last week a Richmond local received a special commendation for the work she is doing with lone parents.

Martha Monyping created the Richmond Women’s Wellness Group early this year. It’s a group that helps both tenants and women from outside the estate to manage the challenges of lone parenting.

The group helps women meet their physical, emotional, mental and social needs. Martha’s work to broaden the focus means the group also provides positive, life-enhancing information about nutrition, mental health, cancer awareness and cooking.

Each fortnight more than 50 women attend the wellness group sessions.

Group members have organised new community events, and leadership of the group and its activities is now shared among all members as the women work for themselves, their families and the broader community.

Martha’s work is a great example of the community taking positive steps to help itself by designing and delivering their own programs.