Public Housing Residents Survey

We have been told that the Department of Health and Human Services is undertaking a survey of people who live in some particular public housing estates between Monday 28 October 2019, and mid-December 2019. Below are answers to some common questions that you might have.

I’ve been contacted by someone, asking if I will complete a survey about where I live. Is it a scam?

It is not a scam. The VPTA has been informed that the Department of Health and Human Services has hired a company called McNair yellowSquares to undertake a survey of people who live in public housing.

You might receive a letter, or a phone call asking if you would like to participate. You do not have to do the survey if you do not want to.

Not all public housing estates are included in the survey.

Which estates are included in the survey?

  • Fitzroy
  • South Melbourne (including Park Towers, Emerald Hill and Nott/Stokes)
  • Mt Pleasant and Delacombe (Ballarat)
  • Eaglehawk
  • Benalla
  • Wodonga West
  • Heyfield
  • Wurruk
  • Maffra
  • Lakes Entrance
  • Orbost

I want to do the survey, but I haven’t been contacted. Can I still do the survey?

If you live at one of the estates included in the survey (listed above), and you are over 18, then you may be able to do the survey. You can call 1800 669 133 (toll free) to see if you are able to do the survey.

I don’t want to participate, but I’m worried that I might get in trouble for saying ‘no’.

You do not have to do the survey. It is voluntary. There will be no impact on your tenancies, or any future tenancies you might have with the Department if you say ‘no’.

Will people know what I have said?

No. Your responses will be completely anonymous and confidential. The responses are going to be put in to a report in aggregate form. This means that nobody who reads the report will have any way of knowing who said what.

If there is a question that upsets you, or raises other issues, the survey staff will have contact details for other organisations to help you.

How long will it take?

Around 15 minutes.

How do you do the survey?

There are a few different ways to participate; on the phone, face to face, or online.

Who will ask the questions?

Staff from McNair yellowSquares will ask you the survey questions. They are trained to ask people survey questions in a way that is sensitive and clear.

Do you have to do the survey in English?

No. You can do the survey in any language. You just have to tell the staff from McNair yellowSquares so that they can organise an interpreter.

Will I be able to see the results?

Yes. A summary of the results will be published on the Department’s website in mid-2020.

Will I get anything?

After you have completed the survey, you will be sent a $10 gift voucher from McNair yellowSquares.