In recent years, we have seen a negative shift towards harsh punishments that close the door on young Victorians in trouble, rather than help give them a second chance.


Tragically, we know that almost 25,000 children are on the public housing waiting list in our state.


And that 39% of Victorians experiencing homelessness are under the age of 25.


Horrifyingly, many young people in trouble that are held in custody are kept there longer than they need to be because they simply have nowhere else to go.


This is why we are supporting the Jesuit Social Services’ #WorthASecondChance Campaign.


We want to see young people connected with housing and support programs when they exit prison, so they don’t end up back there again.


And we want to see more public housing built to prevent youth homelessness all together.


Homelessness compounds the challenges already faced by young people at risk.


We must do all that we can to stamp this out, reduce reoffending, and give every Victorian the best chance in life with a safe, secure place to call home. 


Do you want to end homelessness and fix our state’s youth justice system too?


Join the campaign today at