Transfers and Mutual Swaps Policy

A Facebook group to help tenants find swaps.

The VPTA has updated our policy position on Transfers and Mutual Swaps.

In updating our policy, the VPTA has recognised that the current system is not working and needs significant reform.

Key to this reform process is our suggestion that DHHS form a Transfers and Mutual Swaps Working Group.

Among the issues highlighted in our policy are;

  • whether transfers should receive a higher priority in the allocation process, once a property becomes vacant
  • investigating an increased role for new technologies to match tenants who may be suited to a mutual swap
  • working with tenants who wish to downsize from their current properties and ensuring they are allocated appropriate accommodation.

We have presented the policy to DHHS and will continue to advocate to improve the system.

Currently 7,587 public housing families have had applications for transfers approved and are just waiting for somewhere more appropriate to live. The situation is so poor that tenants have started using Facebook and GumTree to identify swaps.

We think that more can be done to help them out and will keep working hard to develop innovative, common-sense solutions.