The VPTA AGM was held this week at our offices in High St Northcote.

The level of attendance was strong with some people coming from as far afield as Shepparton.

Every member of the VPTA Board of Management was in attendance and was available to speak with tenants.

Primarily, the AGM considered the VPTA’s Annual Report and Income and Expenditure Statement. The Annual Report (include link) outlined some of our activities for the year, including the 3,434 calls we received from tenants seeking advice.

The Report detailed how the VPTA had been much more active in this area during 2015/16 compared with previous years.

The Chairperson and Chief Executive responded to questions on both documents and both were approved by the meeting.

During general business there was a good discussion about how the VPTA should approach Government relations and public housing advocacy. One tenant said the debate turned on balancing the need to engage the Government and the Department and be part of the decision making process on one hand while finding a way to deliver “red hot” advocacy on behalf of tenants and those on the waiting list.

Participants at the AGM were asked to complete a survey and all who did so agreed that the meeting was informative. All, except one, agreed that the meeting was enjoyable. The general consensus was that the VPTA is on the right track.

Thanks to everybody who came along.