VPTA Services

We are the peak body representing Victoria’s 127,000 public housing tenants.

We listen to tenants and take the time to understand their needs.

We provide a range of services, including:

  • Advice on communicating with your local office
  • Development of new policy initiatives
  • Assistance with maintenance requests
  • Explaining letters from the department
  • Assistance understanding DHHS forms
  • Advice on DHHS policy
  • Advice on rent assessment/arrears
  • Welfare referrals
  • Tenancy issues

Tenant Help

Emergency Relief & Material Aid

Hundreds of agencies provide emergency relief and material aid in Victoria, from large organizations such as St Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army, to small church or community-based organizations run by volunteers. What they provide varies from agency to agency. Even for the same agency, the branch in one suburb may not provide the same level of aid as a branch in another suburb.

To find the nearest or most appropriate agency to provide you with emergency relief, you can contact your local Community Information Centre or access the link below for a list of centres who may also provide emergency relief directly.

Emergency Relief & Material Aid Options

Repair Guide

Download our guide below to assist you with your repair rights and responsibilities.

Repair Guide for Public Tenants

Fire Safety for Public Housing Tenants


The A to Z Directory for Homeless Help


Service Directory

Department of Health and Human Services


Tenancy Plus

Tenants Union Victoria


Office of Housing

Apply for Public Housing

Training and employment programs

Federation of Community Legal Centres

Community legal centres

Public Housing Fact sheets


Additional Resources

CFA, Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) and Department of Environment and Primary Industry (DEPI)

FireReady app

Tenant Help