What happens next?


The VPTA have been focusing on the issue of vacant land recently.


We want to see the vacant land that is owned by the Office of Housing used to create growth in the public housing system and to reduce the number of people on the waiting list for public housing.


As part of this campaign we compiled an audit of public housing in Braybrook in August of this year.


The audit showed that the property at 6 Vine Street Braybrook had been emptied of tenants, had been boarded up and fenced off.


In September the home featured in a story in the Age. Braybrook locals said it was a good strong home that could be prepared and used to house the needy.


By late October the home had been demolished and the land remains vacant.  Yet another vacant lot to add to the list.


It may be that the demolition is part of a greater plan. Perhaps a new development is planned that will deliver modern public housing, better suited to the needs of those Victorians currently on the waiting list.


We hope that this is the case.


However, it is more likely that nothing will happen with the land, it will sit vacant like all of the other lots we have identified throughout the state.


Either way, we will be watching and we will continue to advocate for improvements in the way these precious resources are used.