Ann Taylor


Ann grew up in Lyndale in Dandenong North and went on qualify as a primary school teacher. After teaching in schools around Melbourne and becoming a Vice Principal, Ann became active in the union movement. She rose to the position of President of the Victorian Trades Hall Council and was a member of the ACTU Executive.

“Dad worked for the railways and when he was transferred to Melbourne we moved into a concrete house on O’Malley Crescent. There was Mum, Dad and two kids.

We were always playing outside, there were plenty of kids the same age in the neighbourhood from a wide range of backgrounds. We were really lucky because there was open space, we could play in the creek beds or the paddocks, but then there was our safe street to come back to.

Through living in public housing I could see how the Government could establish systems to help people. That is why I am still passionate about public education, public transport and public housing.

There were times where we were put down for living in public housing, and I know that still happens, but kids should be proud of where they come from.

All of the research shows that you don’t need to live in a posh suburb to get a great education. You can access a first class education from public schools in your own neighbourhoods. Make the most of it.”