Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan sets out our organisation’s vision, purpose, and key objectives for the 2023-2026 period.

Our vision is for ‘Safe, secure, affordable and accessible public housing for every Victorian who needs it.’ 

Our mission is ‘to give voice and support to all people who live in public housing or need social housing assistance in Victoria, and to advocate to improve and expand public housing so that everyone has a secure, livable home.’ 

Four strategic objectives have been identified, and read together they will ensure the VPTA is:

  • A safe and approachable organisation to work with, and for
  • Continuing to engage renters in decision making. 
  • Increasing reach, awareness and impact
  • Growing our capacity to fully meet demand for our services

You can read more about our vision and values, how we strive to meet our purpose, and key objectives in the Strategic Plan by downloading the document here.