Kellie Harris


Kellie is the Manager of Occasional Childcare at the Wingate Avenue Community Centre. The Centre is on the Estate where Kellie grew up. Starting in childcare as a casual worker, Kellie has built up her skills and qualifications, completing a Diploma in Community Services – Children Services.

“From birth I lived with my Mum and my Nan in a flat on Wingate Avenue in Ascot Vale. Later my parents and I got our own flat and then when I was 10 we moved into co-operative housing.

On weekends I usually stayed with my Nan at Wingate. What I remember most about the Estate is my friends. You would be able to walk out the front door and there would be kids there to play with. Everyone was out playing and if you were inside kids would be at the window calling for you to come out.

My career in childcare started when I was 18, one weekend when I was with my Nan. There was a brochure from Wingate Community Centre, offering an Introduction to Childcare.

When I completed the course they offered me a casual job and then I completed my studies. We have a great team here and it’s really busy with over 130 kids coming through each year.

Having grown up on the Estate helps me understand a bit better the people who are using our services, I can relate back to how things were here when I was young. And I grew up with some of the parents who use the service, so that is a really good connection.

My message to young people in public housing is that where your life has started doesn’t dictate where it finishes. Also, it is vital to have interests or hobbies to connect you with the community. It might be team sports or something else to get you out and sharing time with people your own age.”