Ror Da Poet


Ror was born in South Sudan and came to Australia as a nine year old in 2005. He is best known for his music, releasing his first CD ‘Hear Me Ror’, has been the subject of a documentary film and has starred in the short film ‘Hope City’. In 2014 Ror was named the City of Yarra Young Citizen of the Year in recognition of his work with Yarra Youth Service Rising High Music Program and his leadership role at Fitzroy Learning Network Computer Clubhouse.

“For a while my family lived in Resevoir and Sunshine but in 2009 we moved into Atherton Gardens at Fitzroy.

In the flats here, everyone talks to each other, they smile at you. Living here has exposed us to a different way to do things.

If not for public housing I don’t think I would have got into music. They have a lot of programs here and a lot of community events.

Having this solid base here for the last six years also meant I could finish year 12 and enrol at Victoria University this year.

My music speaks of the hardships and triumphs I have experienced in my life. I see my music as poetry.

Young people face a lot of issues and I talk about them through my music.

The message is simple; get your act together, stay out of trouble and finish your education.”