Steve McGhie


Steve McGhie is the Victorian General Secretary of Ambulance Employees Australia, representing thousands of Ambulance Officers across the state. He was elected to that position after having worked as an Ambulance Officer for over 15 years, mainly in Melbourne’s west.

“I grew up in Middleton Street Braybrook in a three bedroom weatherboard place, with a bungalow in the backyard. There were six kids in my family. I had a very happy and enjoyable upbringing in Braybrook.

Growing up in public housing wasn’t something I really thought about at the time, it was just where we lived.

On our court all the families knew each other. It was very community orientated and safe. The key was always left in the front door of our place. We had fantastic neighbours.

We were a very sporting family, always into team sports. Through that I became interested in how the human body works and that started me on the path to becoming an Ambo. Also, we were always taught to help others and fight for the underdog, and those values have driven me in my working life.

I suppose my message for young people who live in public housing today would be to treat their house as a home. Get on with life and enjoy what you have got. That’s what it’s all about.”