Jeff – Braybrook


“I’ve lived in public housing for over 20 years.
We used to own a mobile home in Airport West and in winter time we just froze.
When we applied for a place, the Office of Housing told us we could go to Kerang or wait 15 years for a place down here.
We moved up there, then transferred to Ballarat.
Then my mum got crook so they transferred us down here to Braybrook.
They knocked the old house down and built a new place, so it was brand new when we moved in.
They put in ramps for me and put non-slip floors in the bathroom.
My wife and I have raised our kids in that house.
My daughter is 22 now and my son just turned 20.
My daughter is doing a kindergarten course at TAFE and my son is at uni – he wants to be a social worker. They’re good kids.”

Jeff, Braybrook