Mubarek – Richmond


“I moved to Melbourne with my family three years ago after we had to flee our home in Eritrea and live in Egypt for many years.


Settling in was difficult – I was lost and unsure of the future.


We had a very small joint income and lived in a private rental that wasn’t affordable. We struggled to plan for our futures because of the stress.


I decided to apply for public housing and got accepted – we’ve lived here in Richmond for 18 months now.


Finding an affordable home gave me the opportunity and space to go back to study and start volunteering in the local community.


First, I volunteered with the VPTA – supporting tenants with their issues.


Now I work with the Brotherhood of St Laurence, helping young people who are new to Australia with their education and employment goals.


I like helping young people work on their skills and strengths, rather than the issues others think they have.


I really like giving back to the community. Recently, I’ve been campaigning with others on behalf of young people living on the Richmond Housing Estate to get a space for them to study and hang out in. We’ve been able to secure funding from Yarra Council and the department are helping too.


I’ve also been working with The Man Cave, where I help run mental health prevention programs for boys and men.


Someday I hope to become a politician, so I can influence the system and make the world a better place.”


Mubarek (and his brother Samir on the left) – Richmond