Policy and Submissions

The Victorian Public Tenants Association provides advocacy for public housing tenants on state-wide issues through our regular meetings with the Department of Health and Human Services. Policy Position Statements are the VPTA’s recommendations and suggestions that work towards improving and expanding public housing in Victoria for all those who need it.


We have presented the department with the following statements:


VPTA 2019-20 State Budget Submission

Housing Enquiry – Upper House VPTA response NOV 2017

Ombudsman Submission – November 2017

What the VPTA stands for – Feb 2017

Transfers and Mutual Swaps -Mar 2016

Blueprint for Affordable Housing in Victoria –  Feb 2016

Making Public Housing Sustainable – Nov 2014

Maintenance in Public Housing – May 2014

Rent Setting Policy – Feb 2014

More Public Housing is Imperative – Jun 2014

Tenant Behaviour – April 2013

Working with the Department of Human Services – May 2013

Living in public housing – July 2013

A Viable Public Housing System – August 2014


Public Submissions

The VPTA makes regular submissions to public enquiries and government committees. Read the VPTA’s submissions below:


We need more public housing

Redevelopment of Abbotsford Street North Melbourne

Redevelopment Submission for Walker Street, Gronn & Tarakan Estates

VPTA Submission on the Flemington Estate Renewal